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LMC Members

The membership comprises of 20 elected members; the committee may also co-opt members.  In line with the LMC’s Constitution, formal elections are held every two years.  Elected members hold office for a term of four years.


The Committee elects a Chair, Vice-Chair and Honorary Secretary from amongst its members for a term of two years.  Alternatively, the Committee may decide to appoint an Honorary Secretary.

Gateshead constituency

Dr Paul Evans (Chair)

Dr Becky Haines

Dr Christopher Davies 

Dr Peter Kenworthy

Dr Andy Porter

Dr Fiona Steedman*

Dr James Taylor

Dr Vicky Theakston*

Dr Liam Walker

Dr Natasha Oates 

Dr Clare Ruston


South Tyneside constituency

Dr Shaun Aval  (Vice-Chair)

Dr Angus Dowsett

Dr Damian Power

Dr Kerry Benton

Dr Richard Ellenger

Dr Zheen Ramzi*

Dr Samuel Parker*

*Sessional GP Representatives

GP Registrar Representative

Practice Manager Representatives

Gateshead Constituency

Julian Saul

South Tyneside Constituency

Stacey Reid

Dr Jane Carman, Honorary Secretary is an appointed, rather than elected, member of the committee.

LMC Members' Register of Interests are here  

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