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Marsden Road Health Centre: Salaried GP

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

What is important to us..

· Being friendly

· Being large enough to be supportive but still small enough to


· The importance of work/life balance

· Having time to provide good care

· Minimising the clinical admin burden

Let's face it, if you're a GP then General Practice feels like a challenging place to be right now.

We believe it can be better and that the answers are pretty simple. More people to spread the work across and smarter working that protects our doctors from as much clinical admin as we can. For example, staff who are specially trained to deal with uncomplicated hospital letters and lab results leaving doctors to focus on the work that matters most and getting home in time for tea.

We could go on about our fabulous coastal location (South Shields, Tyne and Wear) and its proximity to the city of Newcastle upon Tyne. We could regale you with our practice's vital statistics and performance metrics (which are very good by the way), the opportunities our doctors have to develop, the options to get involved with teaching and training, the supportive environment we've worked hard to build, how we can help you through appraisal and revalidation or even our propensity for providing excellent cake.

However, while these are all great reasons to come here, the best one is the fact that we're recruiting for no other reason than to make life better for everyone who works here. We all spend a good chunk of our lives at work so that should be somewhere that you're happy to be.

Would you like to work somewhere with that sort of ethos?

That's handy, because we’re looking for a salaried GP to join our team. From 4-8 clinical sessions, 6 weeks holiday, 1 week self-managed study leave and protected CPD time. The successful applicant can apply to receive a one off Golden Hello payment of up to £10,000 pro rata to full time (8 clinical sessions and 1 CPD) to take up a substantive post in South Tyneside.

We could tell you how friendly, relaxed and generally awesome we are but why not talk to us or even visit us to find out for yourself? Contact us by direct message, emailing l.cramman@nhs.net or calling us on 0191 2832861 (ask for Lee or Nadine).

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