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GPC Chair's News: 12 February 2021

  • COVID-19 vaccination programme (England)

  • Vaccination of frontline health and social care workers

  • Transport of Astra Zeneca vaccine to GP practices within the PCN Grouping

  • Freeing up practices to support COVID-19 vaccination

  • Vaccine hesitancy

  • Vaccine dose data (UK and England)

  • Thank you from the Prime Minister

  • Government White Paper on NHS reform and Integrated Care Systems (England)

  • Contract agreement 2021/22 webinar (England)

  • Assessments carried out for detention under the mental health to take place in person (England)

  • Amendments to European Health Insurance Cards (EHICs) and S1 forms (UK) Regulations

  • LMC UK Conference 2021 – submitting motions and registering

  • GP Retention Scheme Webinar

  • GPC UK regional elections

  • Vaccine passports

  • Vaccine rollout (England)

  • Vaccine rollout (Wales)

  • GP bulletin

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